Top Valentine Day Travel Getaways

The new year 2012 has just begun, and already the most romantic holiday right around the corner.  Valentine’s Day is a time when many expressions of love are given through memorable gifts and the reddest of roses.  However, many individuals desire to go beyond the normal patterns of giving gifts and do some traveling.  There is nothing comparable to a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway.  If you are looking to surprise your spouse or loved one with a getaway for Valentine’s Day, there are some great places to go and see.

One place to travel on Valentine’s Day is Arizona.  The state is turning 100 years old on February 14th and there are bound to be celebrations for this momentus occasion.  The state is full of attractions, not to mention it’s sunny weather. If you are seeking to travel somewhere warm and stay in the United States, Arizona is the place.  Another destination to visit would be Churchill, Manitoba.  This year will be the most scenic time for visibility for the Northern Lights in 50 years!  It will be a wonderful experience.  Mexico, Bermuda, and Colombia are also great getaways for their beautiful beaches and low cost of travel.  Last but not least, Paris is the city of love and known all over the world for its’ romantic appeal.  With Valentine’s Day landing on a Tuesday, it’s a perfect travel time to catch some amazing mid-week deals and opportunities to save money.

Enjoying a getaway a great way to make this year a Valentine’s Day to remember.  While you are making your plans and deciding on your destination, do not forget to become informed of any visa and/or passport requirements your destination may have.  If you do not have the proper travel documents you need, companies likes Washington Express Visas can help you.  Washington Express Visas specializes in expedited Visa Services and Passport Processing and Document Authentication.

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New 2012 Visa Requirements For Tourism In Turkey

Turkey has released there will be new visa requirements for tourists in 2012.  Beginning in February, visitors will only be able to stay in the country for up to 90 days within a 180 day period.  This will also affect traveling of extended cruisers who will have to exit the country now, opposed to simply renewing in Rhodes.  The change appears to be coming right before the main tourist season hits next year.The visa change is definitely informative, considering Turkey takes violating visa regulations very seriously. A violator can be fined upon departure, and the fine amount may be determined the be length of time overstayed. An individual can even be banned from re-entering Turkey if they overstay and are fined. Also if this occurs, a tourist will have to apply for their next visa at the Turkey Embassy or Consulate overseas.

Turkey is one of the highest traveled countries in the world today.  Over 23 million people visit Turkey every year.  The country is traveled by many for its’ diverse history, culture, and yachting, which is a favorite due to 5200 mile coastline.  If you are considering traveling there and need a visa, Washington Express Visas expedited visa and passport services can assist you in obtaining the most current visa needs.

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Traveler Successfully Uses iPad Instead Of Actual Passport

MSNBC recently reported a man successfully uses his iPad to cross the border into the United States.  Canadian traveler Martin Reisch was thirty minutes to border crossing, realizing he had left his actual passport at home.  He decided to make an attempt of displaying to the U.S. Border officer a scanned copy of his passport from his iPad.  “I thought I’d at least give it a try,” Reisch said. “He took the iPad into the little border hut. He was in there a good five, six minutes. It seemed like an eternity. When he came back he took a good long pause before wishing me a Merry Christmas.”  He also used it tocross the border back home that same day.
There are other stated facts about the incident by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection that aided to Mr. Reisch success.  No one can cross the U.S. border with merely a scanned image alone.  “In this case, the individual had both a driver’s license and birth certificate, which the CBP officer used to determine identity and citizenship in order to admit the traveler into the country,” said spokeswoman for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Jenny Burke.  Canada ended the driver’s license only policy to cross the border in 2009.

Scanned passports are not anything unknown for several countries, especially Canada.  Scanned passports have been the basis of creating the highly anticipated e-passports.  In fact, Passport Canada, the agency that is responsible for canadian passports, is set to introduce e-passports by the end of 2012.  Special diplomat pilot e-passport projects already exist and currently there are no difficulties reported.

Indeed, e-passports may be the way of the future.  Until then, passports are still needed and there are companies like Washington Express Visas that can meet your needs.  We are the Washington DC metro area’s fastest Visa Services, Passport Processing, Document Legalization and Translations specialists.  Washington Express Visas has 29 years of experience and is also the Washington DC metro area’s largest and fastest courier service.  Call (202) 393-3030 and let us help you today!

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England Has New Student Visa Policy

This year the British government has enacted a new student visa policy. The new policy is expected to decrease foreign student immigration by 25%. Per the home secretary, Theresa May, two of the goals of the new policy is to control immigration and protect legitimate students from poor-quality colleges. Universities did campaign against the new government policy.

Under the new student visa policy rules, a student visa will be limited to five years for study toward a bachelor’s degree or beyond. The new policy has created a no limit timeframe for students seeking a degree. There was a three-year limit on students’ study in nondegree courses, which will not change. Also, foreign students are restricted from bringing family members to Britain with them. Britain will only allow graduate students enrolled at universities and government-sponsored students to admit family members into the country with them.

Students entering Britain for degree-level courses will have to demonstrate a higher level of proficiency in English and can be refused if they cannot speak English without an interpreter. Also, the Post-Study Work Route gives students two years to remain in Britain and seek jobs after their programs end. This has been eliminated. Only university and public “further education” college students will retain the right to work while pursuing their studies, but all other students will be prohibited from seeking employment. Only graduates with an offer of a skilled job from a sponsoring employer will be allowed to remain in Britain to work once they have finished their studies.

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Expedited Passport Processing

You have been waiting to go on vacation and you have everything you need–except a passport. Getting a passport is one thing. Getting a passport fast is another. Your vacation is five days away. What can you do? There is answer for this type of dilemma. You can turn to utilizing expedited passport processing.

Passport processing from an expediter is different from the government expediting. The government can expediting timeframe is up to four weeks upon mail receipt. If this timeframe is too long, you must travel to one the only 13 regional passport agencies in the US. There are expedited fees in addition to the standard government fees. With an expediter, you can receive your passport within one day and have it in your possession the next morning. Depending on the timeframe will determine the cost. For example, some can range from $100-$300. This is in addition to the standard government fees.

Although your passport is expedited, you still are responsible for the normal aspects of the process. You have to have your passport photo, provide your ID materials (i.e. birth certificate or expired passport), and paperwork completion. You also have to have the documents vetted and sealed by a local processing center (post office or courthouse), then mailed to the expediter. After this is complete, the expediter will complete the process. You can have your passport fast!

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Business Visas to European Non-Schengen Countries

Getting a business-related visa to England can be very difficult.  Below is an account of an obstacle that our team at Washington Express Visas encountered and over came for one our clients.

Our client had an important meeting set up of international computer scientists in London. The meeting was set up at short notice. One very interested potential participant is a Russian National researcher, Mike*, a PhD in computer science. Mike works at a University of Michigan. He works with two other Russians at this university. All three have green cards. His two colleagues have visas to the United Kingdom that are still valid. He needs to get a visa fast.  Approval of an English Visas usually takes 3 to 4 weeks. Peter needs to have his visa process expedited. Peter has to perform  many different task in order to complete his visa application: biometrics, detailed forms, an complete an appointment at the English Embassy. He completes all the necessary requirements to  get his visas approved quickly, and it is approved.  Then something strange happens – the visa is rescinded. Mike attempts to  find out formally what happened. But informally, the British agent was  told that this person seemed to me looking for a national to marry so that he could get citizenship, thus they rescinded the Visa.  How that all came together in the rejection/the rescinding of his visa to the United Kingdom highlights how difficult the mysterious getting a visa sometimes be.  Our visa team was able to find out what the objection was to the approval and worked with the proper authorities to get the Mike’s visa approved in time for him to make his meeting in London.

That is why you need a skilled team of experts to assist you in navigating the complexities of obtaining your visas.  Our team has the experience and relationships to assist in obtaining an expedited visa.  With Washington Express Visas expedited visa and passport services, our professional visa and passport services staff will have one of our specially trained messengers take your visa and passport processing documents to the appropriate Embassy or agency and get your documents processed properly for less than traditional visa and passport processing services charge.

* Names and work have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.  The blog is to used only to illustrate a point.